Sword - Crystal Lake, Angeles mountains

Playing with sharp objects

but I don’t run with scissors.


Modeling with Weapons is and interesting challenge. Often I see pictures that look like the model was handed a bow, sword, knife, etc. that she had never seen before. She looks uncomfortable and awkward. Just trying to follow the photographers. instructions.

It takes a bit of thought to model with weapons. They need some study about how they work, and how they are used. There is some imagination involved in what you might be doing with the weapon. There is some muscle tone in the body, perhaps anticipation of a hunt, or defense. The challenge is not to look like you were just handed a scary thing that you know nothing about. How would you hold a sword, or draw a bow? What is the safe way to handle a handgun? Of course we always make sure nobody gets hurt during these shoots.

Any comments on what you would like to see me pose with next?