From a shoot at White Point, San Pedro California on a rainy day.

Skewed Ideas on Modeling

  Some people have some very funny definitions of “modeling”. When I say I’m a model, in some it conjures images of glamorous red carpets, perfect hair and eating next to nothing. Others think of porn. Either way, I’m an air-headed girl that is just meant to stand around and look pretty. I am an…Read More

Little Black Dress - Fashion shoot at the Angel's Flight Railway - Downtown Los Angeles California

I am not a coat hanger

So occasionally I read articles on yahoo during work, when I’m done with my tasks. Today I read one about Israel putting limitations on fashion models’ weight requirements, and down in the comments section one person put the rather philosophical, in-depth comment of “Whatever. Models are just clothes-hangers anyway. Skinny little things you hang clothes…Read More

Scarlet Letter - Implied nude Inspired by the movie 'Easy A"

Let’s talk, Shall we?

Scarlet Letter or Easy A Let’s take a minute to discuss nude modeling. What is your opinion on it? Positive? Negative? Neutral? Where is the line between artistic and pornographic? The reason I ask about this is fairly simple. Well, not really. I don’t know. Recently, someone in my life- someone who shall go unnamed-…Read More